Upcoming tour dates             Saturday 26th June 2021 - Rugby Rocks Music Festival, Rugby,           Friday 2nd July 2021 - Camper Jam - Shropshire,           Saturday 3rd July 2021 - SFest - Stourport,           Sunday 11th July 2021 - Foodies Festival, Tatton Park, Cheshire,           Friday 16th July 2021 - Todd in the Hole, Stevenage,           Saturday 7th August 2021 - Rock the Park, Wrexham,           Sunday 22nd August 2021 - Foodies Festival, Syon Park, London,            Friday 27th August 2021 - Camper Calling, Warwickshire,           Sunday 29th August 2021 - Foodies Festival, Oxford,           Saturday 11th September 2021 - Foodies Festival, Bristol,           Saturday 18th September 2021 - Foodies Festival, Bournemouth,           Sunday 26th September 2021 - Foodies Festival, Brighton,           Saturday 2nd October 2021 - Studley Castle, Warwickshire,           Saturday 11th December 2020 - The Forum Music Centre, Darlington,

The UK's No 1 Tribute to The Killers

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